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Lori Vallow's Death Web

In my first ever three-part series, I dive into Lori Vallow's psychological profile, break down the Death Web of victims that surrounds her, and reconstruct the crime scene of JJ and Tylee.



Macdonald Triad: Can 3 Behaviors Predict Who Will be a Killer?

Psychologists and criminologists have been trying for decades to uncover any behavioral secrets that would help predict if someone would become a future predator.


One said he succeeded in identifying the behaviors — but, is his theory accurate? 

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What Happened to Vanessa Guillen?

PFC Vanessa Guillen, 20, was last seen alive on Wednesday, April 22 in the parking lot near her Squadron Headquarters on Army Base Fort Hood, TX. 

Now, partial human remains have been found. 

I took a deep dive into this case, and I have some revelations and specific recommendations for law enforcement. 

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