The Night Stalker's

Twisted Psyche

For the residents of Los Angeles, 1984 and 1985 were terrifying times of paralyzing fear — but for one individual, it was a time to hunt. 

How could Richard Ramirez be so careless of others, and purposefully act on sadistic impulses? Dive down the rabbit hole. 

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A Daughter's Quest for Justice

In my interview with Karlee, Karen Bodine's oldest daughter, we take a deep-dive into her mother's unsolved homicide.


We discuss the timeline of the weekend before Karen was murdered, talk about our theories, and shed light on new developments and ways the true crime community can help fight for justice.  

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Lori Vallow's Death Web

In my first ever three-part series, I dive into Lori Vallow's psychological profile, break down the Death Web of victims that surrounds her, and reconstruct the crime scene of JJ and Tylee.